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Curious About How Healthcare Reimbursement Works? David Joslin Explains the Process

As a senior executive consultant in radiology, David Kent Joslin has many years of experience working with various healthcare services, software development, and management consulting. David Kent Joslin is also a board member of InSight Radiology, Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities. With his extensive portfolio in the healthcare industry, he explains the healthcare reimbursement process. Log the […]

David Joslin Talks About the Mergers & Acquisition Trends in Healthcare in 2019

As a successful senior advisor and radiology consultant, David Kent Joslin has a long successful career in the healthcare industry. For many years, David Joslin has advised companies to help them identify areas that inhibit growth. His role helps healthcare companies develop a competitive strategy and reach success. David Kent Joslin has also worked with a variety […]